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Contact address

von Grünigen Rechtsanwälte KLG

Angelica von Grünigen / Eveline von Grünigen (shareholders)
Beethovenstrasse 49
CH-8002 Zurich

Phone: +41 (0) 44 420 04 40



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Communication by email

A client relationship only comes into existence through the express declaration of acceptance by one of our lawyers. An e-mail to our office, the lawyers or the consultation of our website does not constitute a mandate relationship. The content of our website is for informational purposes only.


Please note that communication via email is neither secure nor confidential. 'von Grünigen Rechtsanwälte' rejects any liability for breaches of legal professional privilege insofar as this has arisen through communication by email or technical defects on the Internet. By sending unencrypted e-mails to us, you agree that we may communicate with you in this unencrypted form. Communication by email is in any case at your own risk.


We make sure to check our e-mails regularly, but we cannot guarantee that the answer will always be promptly. Delays in answering e-mails can also result from technical or operational reasons (e.g. e-mails and their attachments get stuck in a filter). We therefore ask you to send us time-critical (e.g. deadlines) and / or very important messages by post or courier (with confirmation of receipt) or to notify us of the dispatch in advance by telephone. When sending via email, we recommend that you always ask for confirmation of receipt. In any case, original documents must be handed over to us personally or sent by post with confirmation of receipt.


Disclaimer of liability

'von Grünigen Rechtsanwälte' or their shareholders do not accept any liability for the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability and completeness of the information. Liability claims against 'von Grünigen Rechtsanwälte' or the shareholders due to material or immaterial damage resulting from access to, use or non-use of the published information, from misuse of the connection or from technical faults are excluded.

Liability for links

Any responsibility for references and links to third party websites is rejected. Access to and use of such websites is at the user's own risk.



The copyrights and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on the website belong to 'von Grünigen Rechtsanwälte' or Wix ( The written consent of the copyright holder must be obtained in advance for the reproduction of any elements.







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