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Our law firm stands for high-quality services and cost transparency.

Respectful, open and regular communication forms the necessary basis for a lasting relationship of trust between client and lawyer. It is important for us that you feel that you are in good hands with us.  

We advise and represent both private individuals and companies (SMEs). If necessary, we can draw on a broad network of specialists in other areas of law (e.g. tax law, social security law, criminal law, family law, etc.) to ensure comprehensive advice or to put you in touch with additional specialists.  

Each specific individual case is carefully analyzed by us with regard to opportunities and risks, without neglecting pragmatic solutions. In addition, we negotiate - insofar as it makes economic sense and is desired - but also advantageous settlement solutions within the framework of an out-of-court conflict settlement. We provide regular and transparent information about the progress of a case or procedure and the costs.  

We offer good value for money for our services. The prices depend on the complexity of the individual case and the individually concluded fee agreement, with the hourly rate being between 320 and 380 francs. The amounts do not include VAT.

If you have legal protection insurance, before you contact us for the first time, please check whether and to what extent your legal protection insurance covers your specific case. Leaflet PDF .

We are pleased to meet you!


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